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"(un)Forgotten" project is about a dark family secret, we NEVER spoken of when I was a child. The story of how, in the 50’s, Intellectually Challenged children were sent to institutions and pretty much “forgotten” about. This is what happened to my brother. I have told my story a handful of times publicly, and twice was approached by someone telling me about their brother or sister that they haven’t met, I learned that it is a very common shameful secret. This secret is not about blame, but more-so, circumstantial of the times.

My goal is to bring change from the lost past, breaking the silence and stigma. Most importantly, bringing a voice of advocacy to those unable to speak and so desperately in need.

Below will give you a feeling of my project…

Mansfield Training School and Hospital

Mansfield Training School, 2017

Mansfield Training School, 2017

I hated this place my whole life growing up.

I only went once when I was 17, and it scared me. I went to visit my brother... Mansfield Training School, an institute for the "Feebleminded", shut down in the 90's for all the right reasons. Overcrowding, abuse, neglect, sanitation, etc. The people living there were then placed in small home communities, my brother being one. Today he still lives in the same one he was transferred to and is extremely lucky. He is also one of my favorite people on this earth.

As for Mansfield... it was donated to Southern Connecticut State College and since abandoned. Overgrown, boarded up and left, actually left as it was. Strangely, just left. Papers everywhere, toilet paper rolls still full, patients files... it's eerie.

While I was in Boston in August, I went and photographed it. I really wanted to see and be in Andy’s history. I was ready to do a whole photo essay on how terrible it was — all in black and white. However, when I got there and started shooting, I keep seeing signs of effort. Signs that somebody did once care. I actually found it hard to hate the place. I am still sad for all those who were there, but there is no hate. Here is the photo that changed what my heart knew... it was the houses on the curtains.

Mansfield, Curtain, 2017

Mansfield, Curtain, 2017

Mansfield, My Brother’s Room?, 2017

Mansfield, My Brother’s Room?, 2017

Mansfield, Toilet Paper, 2017

Mansfield, Toilet Paper, 2017

Mansfield, Refrigerator, 2017

Mansfield, Refrigerator, 2017

Mansfield, Restraint, 2017

Mansfield, Restraint, 2017

Visiting Andy, Restaurant, 2016

Visiting Andy, Restaurant, 2016


Gaining access into Andy’s world — Mansfield Training School.
… and the Journey (un)Forgotten.

8/29/2017 Googled a name and wrote a letter inquiring about access.

9/2/2017 Visited Mansfield, inside and out. Extremely moving…

6/ 2/2018 12:31 am. Sent off my first letter for my Mansfield Project, Stephen Wilkes photographer who created a photo story on Ellis Island.

6/18/19 Went to Stephen Wilkes Studio, gained tremendous amount of insight, need to gain access legally.

6/30/2018 Visited Mansfield, 2nd Visit, inside and out. Felt a bit calming to be in Andy’s space…

09/16/18 The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, hand delivered letter to Senator Murphy’s Aid.

Update: 10/23/18 Spoke with the Senator Murphy’s office today, looking into correct contact at UCONN

11/15/2018 UCONN Attorney called today to ask questions. Will receive a followup call next week or requested I follow up. Chief of Police (UCONN) and
another department will be contacted about my request.

1/10/19 Spoke with UCONN Attorney waiting upon his speaking with the Fire Chief, asked if I could call directly and received number.

1/18/19 Spoke with Chief of Police while in Stew Lenard’s. (turns out it was the fire Chief). Told Chief I had been the buildings prior.
I am pretty excited with the way the conversation went. I have not been granted access yet, but am very optimistic. Imagine, this story is so very close to helping so very many people. Can’t change history, but can change our tomorrows. Special detail, was in the supermarket when I took the call.

1/22/2019 Emailed the Fire Chief (thought I had been speaking with the Police Chief)
I was given the email for the Fire Chief and just wrote. I have requested access to shoot at Mansfield once a month, for the next 12 months. Request to begin shooting on February 20th, full day. This is the final level to ask, and the level that can make it all happen. Sending gratitude to the Police Chief, the Fire Chief and the Senator. Now to start saving up for that Hazmet suit!

1/28/201 Response from the Fire Chief, email, included additional letters the Fire Marshal & Director for Environmental Health and Safety. Access Denied.

2/7/2019 Call returned from Grasso (records department). Tomorrows appointment rescheduled for next week due to lack of clearance from legal.
My request for Andy’s records from the past 51 years has made it through Legal (legal due to this project) and Friday the 16th I will be viewing them with his old case manager I located though google. I have arranged to purchase two copies, one was my dads request.

Update: I have not giving up on legal access in Mansfield, just stepping back to rethink and strategize.

2/10/19 Began working on application for the Creative Capital grant, due February 28th, 2pm.

This grant can provide the finance to bring this project to fruition and even more-so, a team and communities behind it.

2/15/2019 Went to the DDS, Ella Grasso Center, Stratford. Andy files, spent 3 1/2 there.

Was informed that all of Andy’s Mansfield Files are missing. Spoke with Regional Assistant and they are searching. I will call a week from today, 2/22.
Super frustrated.

2/21/2019 Received email from DDS Case Supervisor. After “Due Diligence”, Andy’s files can not be located. Taking a step back until I know what to do…

2/24/2019 Creative Capitol grant due 2/28/2019, 2pm. Deep in submitting… exhibit has become an Installation.

2/25/2019 Changed the title to (un)Forgotten. Learned the importance of googling a name first…

2/27/19 Grant Submitted!

3/14/19 Reached out to Legion Paper, will call Monday for meeting_ ie. paper advice

3/25/19 11am Meeting with owner of Legion Paper, super nice guy, helped with understanding paper selection and offered to show Mansfield Prints at
photo expo when I am closer to finished.

5/31/19 Showed in group exhibit.

“Inside” First venture into Multi-Media, Ink Jet Print, Found Metal Plate Framed WITHOUT glass, because they are no longer behind glass.

“Inside” First venture into Multi-Media, Ink Jet Print, Found Metal Plate Framed WITHOUT glass, because they are no longer behind glass.

6/4/19 No Grant…
Dear Katherine, On behalf of the Creative Capital team, thank you for sharing your work with us. We regret that your proposal was not selected
to advance to the next round. Nearly 33% of our current awardees applied more than once before receiving our award and we strongly
encourage you to apply again at the next application cycle in February 2020. 

6/4-6/4 Crushed, defeated, lost

6/5/19 I’m BACK!
Studio Neighbor/Friend Herm suggested I have a show based on my Mansfield project..
Booked Gallery #305 for (un)forgotten Exhibit October 4th.

7/4/19 Andy came to visit at the cottage!

Asking for the Senator’s help…

I am working on getting continuous access into Mansfield.
Below is a letter, hand delivered to Senator Murphy.

Dear Senator Murphy, 

My name is Katie Settel and I am a life long resident of Connecticut.

I have been working on a very personal project and I believe if done correctly, can change a lot of lives. I have chosen to write to you, not only because I greatly appreciate all that you stand for, but also because you are paving a new path involving mental health. My goal is not about changing laws, but more so, helping the families that were affected by the large institutions in the 50's to reconnect with their 'lost" brother or sister. 

In short, I have a brother who is intellectually challenged. When my mother was pregnant in the 50's, she and my dad went out to dinner with another couple and the woman had German Measles. My mom became infected, had identical twins, and both born with serve mental challenges. They were sent to an institution, as "suggested" (urged) by the doctors and pretty much "forgotten" about. This was no reflection on my parents, it was just how mental illness was handled back then. Danny died after a year there and Andy eventually, went onto Mansfield. I had never met Andy and was always haunted by that, he was the family secret we rarely spoke of. At 17, I convinced my mother to take me to visit Andy at The Mansfield Training School and the whole experience terrified me. Psychically, he was my two other brothers mixed in one and it was loud and it was crowded. I never went back and he remained there for another 15 years. Eventually, the large institutions were shut down due to neglect and overcrowding, and Andy was transferred to a group home in Monroe where he remains today. About eight years ago, I started to visit him regularly and today he is a vital part of our family. He is blind and doesn't speak, I know nothing of his yesterdays, but I am here for his tomorrows. I am his voice and his proud sister and I no longer hesitate when asked how many kids are in my family. Most importantly, I am his advocate.

I have shared about my brother publicly only a handful of times and twice was approached by someone telling me that they too have a brother or sister they never met. I began to realize that I was not the only one with this lost history. Even though times have changed, there are still a ton of brothers and sisters in group homes that are alone because this secret endures. I want to tell my story, show that there is no shame. I want to combine history with today's acceptance and unite families so that they may become advocates for siblings who cannot speak for themselves. 

In order to tell my story, I need to be able to give people a better understanding of what institutionalization actually meant. The only way to do this I believe by revisiting Mansfield and gathering more images to accompany my story.

I am hoping that with your help, I can gain access to Mansfield and my project can move forward. Movies have been filmed there and articles written, but with a heartfelt mission like mine, and not a name behind it, I fear being shut down before it can begin. I believe with a special request from you, we can break down any remaining barriers and reunite families.

I know you are a huge advocate of Mental health and I am hoping to count on your support with this. I will follow up with an email next week to hear your thoughts. 

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at katie@katiesettel.com or call (917) 922-8090 with any questions you may have. 

I appreciate your time.




(Fifty word description from the grant submission)


(un)Forgotten is a photography-based installation about a common shame-filled-secret, which

my family owned for years: a“forgotten” sibling… my brother. Through an artistic encounter of

powerful images and their haunting contexts, the visitor is drawn into an emotional space of

awareness, understanding and possibly healing.

(The following description is intended to provide a sense of the installation experience.)

Upstairs, above the immense Armory space, an unrestored room, dimly lit. Overgrown branches

with leaves seem to obstruct the entrance, but not entirely. Inside you see huge photographs

hanging, clamped to a tight wire, metal grips, old papers with names scattered on the floor. Walking

toward the photograph, you become aware: it's not one print- - but layers of prints… Mansfield

abandoned, artifacts of daily living, embody the "forgotten". Prints feel strong in your hands,

cloth-like. You lift the photographs, something stirs from the breeze: twenty lined papers, clustered,

one sentence: “Andy, lost records”. Exiting you hear Andy's mother, a poem she wrote years ago.

You come away feeling a journey transformation.