The Exhibit’s name represents not only images of low light concerts, but even more so, my huge belief in taking a shot in the dark... ie. going for it. It is the knocking on doors when God knows who will answer, the letter that took hours to compose, the dialing of mystery phone numbers that you think might lead somewhere. It is also the ever so persistent system of politely asking again, and again... (waiting a few weeks), and then again. Mixed with the unbelievably amounts of "no's”, (mostly kind) and even more so, the silence of no response. But when you get that yes, and then when you have that yes in your lens, it all makes sense, even enough to spur on the next.
In this video you will see images from many of the doors that were knocked on. 
All of them sharing in common—taking the chance.

Video credit: John Kovalsky of Luna Vigilo Productions.