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 Arlene's Grocery, NYC

Arlene's Grocery, NYC

I remember when I first started my photography business people would ask me... Did you always have a camera attached to your hip? Were you born with a camera? My answer was always no...

Then I would listen to other photographers say that they used their first "Leica" before they could walk. That they think they were born with a camera and that they always knew.  Than one day I realized that there had been a calling, but it was disguised as a "just something I do".

I always took pictures, and loved my little box cameras, but I never knew just how much. My thing was that I loved giving people pictures of themselves that made them feel good. I would spend my allowance on film and developing them, and then go around and pass them out. I just loved sharing "the love".

One day I decided to try and start a business with it... I had no idea that I was finally tapping into my calling. Since then, I have been able to photograph some of the most amazing people and important moments.