Easter Bunny photos...kids, adults, dogs???

Splurge, Greenwich, Ct.

Splurge, Greenwich, Ct.

So here is my position on shooting Easter Bunny photos...

I photographed 92 people in two and a half hours last Saturday. 47 of them were kids, 45 of them adults, and I didn't include the three dogs. I believe I caught a killer cold from it all and it was free. Free to the people, and free from me.
It was a tremendous amount of work, and could really get one to ask... Was it all worth it?

Well, I couldn't give a bigger YES!

The people who came out to have their photos taken with the Easter Bunny just LOVE photographs. Which in turn means, I just love them. Dressing their kids up in their finest, traveling and then waiting in lines. All for a beautiful memory in print to add to a collection, of I am sure, many mystical characters. 

I am most proud of the 45 adults though.
Majority of them only became willing to be in the shot because of my prodding. Today those parent will have a beautiful memory— but 30 years from now, their kids will.

Please be sure to be in lots of pictures with your kids and don't worry about how you look. It is you they are  going to want to see 30 years from now.